Pre Wedding Shoot

Capture The Perfect Look

At A2Z Weddings, we ensure your pre-wedding shoot is planned and created to capture the perfect look. Often casual and candid or simply romantic, we create pre-wedding photos for a variety of prints and DVDs for you.

Where it be for your large print to display outside the reception or simply a DVD of engagement to show at your special day, we prepare the medium for your special day. Ask us about a package that includes a pre-wedding shoot in preparation for your special day.

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Tips for planning your wedding photos

For the best advice, quality and service from A2Z be sure to discuss your plans with our professionals.


Distance of Location

Before you decide on photographic locations, consider the distance and travel time required, including traffic and booking times for your ceremony and reception. How much time has been allocated for the photo shoot, will this be rushed?


Weather Plan

It’s very difficult to predict the weather, so regardless of the time of year it’s good to have a wet weather plan as backup. Think about an alternative location of where you would like wedding photos taken in case it does rain on the day, especially if you wanted most of your photos taken outdoors.

If the rain is light or intermittent, you may want to consider a park that has a picnic area or pergola. Or it’s a good idea to ask your photographer for their local knowledge.


Have a Basic Plan

We encourage you to have a plan so that your special day will run smoothly and with plenty of time. Why not consider aspects like the timing of your photo shoot, do you want sunset pictures?

Lighting is an important aspect of photos. Sunset will provide a softer light for pictures, while daylight will give you a brighter mood. This may impact the booking times for the ceremony and reception.