Mark & Claudia

Wedded half way through November, Mark & Claudia seamlessly made it seem as though Covid-19 did not exist. We can testify to the fact that these smiles are as real as love gets. Claudia’s simplistic hair and makeup do effortlessly complimented her timeless gown. The entire bridal party not only looked incredibly unique in their silk black gowns & fitted black suits but also ensured the day rolled out smoothly for the newlyweds as they maintained a cheerful and carefree vibe. The Australian spring definitely did not disappoint, with rays of sunshine and spring leaves blooming across miramare gardens, creating and ever so stunning backdrop to their perfect images. To top off the day that was, Melissa D’cruz and her team created a dreamy yet vibrant room to dance the night away. P.S. It isn’t a party without cheeseburgers!

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